2021 — 11 min

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Portraiture is a screendance work by Drew Berry, produced in 2021.


"Portraiture is a cinematic manifestation of a personal journal. In an attempt to accurately capture the emotional and environmental shifts that I have grown to admire in my home town of Guelph, I translated seasonal journal entries into site-specific improvised movement portraits. I have carefully sifted through meticulously framed shots, mining their contents for moments that most genuinely depict impulse, isolation and reflection. While passing through Canada’s four distinct seasons, the viewer will expect to be carried by the original sound design, bold costuming, and movement expression that tenderly documents my personal journey throughout this year. Portraiture invites audiences to reflect on our constantly changing surroundings as they are given a glimpse into my personal world. The film encourages audiences to find a gentle sense of admiration for the inevitability of change. My belief is that these natural changes have more to teach us than we may realize." - Drew Berry

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